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Modified Test Case Alert?



Is there a way to get notified (by email or inside TestRail) that another user edited a Test Case originally created by me?

As the number of projects and test cases grows, it becomes hard to track those changes that are not my own.
Also, I have created a custom “Comments” field for other users but I have found no way of knowing someone commented on a test case…

Please help,
Best regards,


Hi Ania,

Thanks for your posting. Email notifications are currently not available on the case level but you can also use the Cases > Activity Summary report from the Reports tab to detect changes and updates. It’s planned to look into email notifications for cases (similar to how notifications already work on the test run/result level) and I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request, thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:



Hello Tobias,

Thanks a lot for your reply. Is there a way to set up Activity Summary report in such a way so that it only generates when certain criteria = true (ie Updated By does not include me) or only alerts me with a pop-up when the report matches this criteria? Would that be possible somehow via a customization plugin?

I know JS is getting more and more powerful these days, so who knows :slight_smile: Maybe there is some way?

Thanks a lot in advance,


Hi Ania,

The report would always be generated if you configure an interval/schedule and it’s currently not possible to base the execution on criteria other than the scheduling interval. You can influence the content of the report with the filters but the actual execution depends on the configured schedule. That’s a great idea though and I’ve just added this to our feature request list, thanks for your feedback!