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Missing Templates


Maybe Im missing something yet, but in the announcement for TestRail 5.2, it states that new TestRail instances come with templates for text-based step test cases, separate step test cases and exploratory sessions. However I only have the basic “test case” template in Administration -> Customizations panel. As far as I understood, I suppose to have three templates there, right?
PD: Im using TestRail v5.2.0.3452


Hello Santiago,

Thanks for your posting! Updated installations will have only the “Test Case” template by default because existing installations already have a very different custom field configurations than the default installation in most cases and it may be confusing to add our new standard templates to an existing installation. Instead, we add a single template called “Test Case” which applies to all custom fields.

It’s planned to add a migration guide soon for existing installations that want to add the same new default templates, but I’ve also already documented the process here in this forum:

I hope this helps!



OK. Thanks a lot for the help :slightly_smiling:


Great to hear that this helps, Santiago :slightly_smiling: