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Missing logs during debug file logging


I’m using gurock v3.3.2.49 in a .NET windows forms project using file logging. I’m calling LogDebug to trouble-shoot a problem. It works just fine on my local Windows 7 machine; however, on QA’s Windows 2012 Server virtual machine, it doesn’t log everything. Any ideas why it would work on my machine and not his? What else would you need to know to give better answers?



This looks like an issue with the logging connection and I would recommend to subscribe to the SmartInspect Error event to troubleshoot this. Just press F1 in the Console and then go Working with SmartInspect | Library Error Handling for an introduction. It basically works as follows:

[code]// [C# Example]

using System;
using Gurock.SmartInspect;

public class ErrorHandling
public static void EventHandler(object sender, ErrorEventArgs args)

public static void Main(string[] args)
// Register our event handler for the error event.
SiAuto.Si.Error += new ErrorEventHandler(EventHandler);

  // And force a connection error
  SiAuto.Si.Connections = @"file(filename=c:\)";
  SiAuto.Si.Enabled = true;