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Missing documentation for Run attribute from api call when in a Plan


In flushing out my Testrail integration tool I depended heavily on the field tables to build my objects.

After leaning about the missing entries field from get_plans api (another tread) I reviewed the tables with the response json examples and discovered for a Run in a Plan it has entry_index and entry_id in them that is not listed in the get_run, get_plan, nor add_plan_entry api response tables.

The get_plan response Json does list these and that is how I found them.

I can assume the meaning of these fields from context. Are these documented in a table I am missing?

So far I have found the following fields in a run that will exists or may have a non-null value only when in a Plan:

  1. plan_id
  2. config
  3. config_ids
  4. entry_id
  5. entry_index

Are there any more I am missing?

Is there a table or comments that clearly give the difference between Run attributes in or out of a Plan?



Hello Paul,

Thanks for your posting! Happy to help with your question:

All of the mentioned fields are included/returned as part of get_plan. Among other fields, get_plan returns the entries array whose elements have an ID (entry_id), an entry index (given implicit by the array order) as well as the configuration names and IDs (config, config_ids) for the test runs (runs). An example can be found here:



Not sure my msg was fully read or understood. :grin:

I already found the mentioned fields in the example. But they are not listed in any of the tables that list the fields and that is my point.

An example is great but the table should be canon since this documents an API.

From your reply I will assume there is no table that completely lists all the fields of a Plan. If this is correct I would suggest the docs be updated to do this.

So my question is can I also assume the example is complete and there are not other fields I might see from the api call?

Thanks for your always quick response.


Hi Paul,

Do you mean database tables? Both plans and runs stored in the runs table and the configuration and entry fields are also part of this table. The API examples include the fields you can expect but new fields may be added anytime (but will be documented then).