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Miniapi - add_milestone



I’ve been exploring the miniapi and the various methods that you can pass and retrieve JSON data to and from.

I’ve created a simple .NET class named Milestone, which I am then serializing via the Json libaries and then passing to our installation of TestRail. The JSON data that I am passing to the method add_milestone is as follows;

However, I am getting the following response back from the application;

I’ve attempted similar with the other ‘add’ methods such as add_suite, but I’m continually getting the same error returned by the api.

Kind of stuck. If anybody has any ideas about what I doing incorrectly, or not doing it would be gratefully received.


Ah - I may have been daft here…

Just read the results are returned in JSON, but submitted as simple POST requests - silly me.

I presumed that it would be the same bidirectionally.


Hello Christof,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, the arguments are submitted as POST arguments. You can find the full documentation for the mini api on the following page: