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Milliseconds in elapsed time is ignored


The enhancement list for 5.5 says you can now enter milliseconds in the Elapsed field using 9.999s as the format. However, when I do that and save the result only the integer value for seconds is displayed. (I haven’t looked in the database to see if the milliseconds are actually stored or not.)


Hi Don - I just retried this feature out on my cloud and Linux server instances and it looked ok to me.

Can you send some more specific details? Are you running locally or in the cloud? If you’re running a local server, what is the operating system and database configuration?

Finally, how are you entering the Elapsed time? It sounds as though you’re doing it through the UI, but just for the sake of clarity, I’d appreciate confirmation.



Running locally on Ubuntu with mysql DB. Tried it with both the UI and an API call.

Edit: Just figured out the cause. It works if you ONLY have seconds. If you do something like 2m 1.115s it ignores the milliseconds.


Don - great, glad you figured it out. Yes, that’s correct. Once you hit the 60sec boundary, TestRail ignores milliseconds on the basis that they’re no longer relevant.

Happy testing!