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Milestones are randomly ordered


I post this here because i did not receive any answer from the support.

We found a strange thing in our TestRail instance. The milestones are not ordered by name as it said in this discussion by Tobias Gurock Ordering Milestone by CreationDate/Title
“Active milestones are ordered by their due date, if available, and their name otherwise”

That not the case in our instance, we have no due date for our milestones and the order is totally random and change after each refresh of the page, that’s pretty annoying when we have a lot of milestones.

Here are screenshots of that “bug” in our testRail

Thanks for your help


I got no answers from the support (I sent the mail last week and an other one beginning of this week and nothing)

Is it possible to have an update on this please ? We will have a lot of milstone in the future and this is very annoying for us.



update for this case please ? (3 weeks and no answers from the support by mail) :slightly_frowning_face:


Hi Kiéran,

Thank you for reaching out and apologies for the delay in response! Milestones should be sorted by their name if no due date is present and we’re currently looking into this. Please keep an eye out for an email response from our support team today.

Best Regards,


Did this ever get resolved? I have the same issue where I would like to order milestones alphabetically in one of my projects


They answered to me by mail that they are not able to reproduce this bug.

This is really annoying for us but we’ve got to deal with this issue.

Maybe one day i will try to fix it by myself with an ui script.
Will share my ui script here if I succeed to fix this.


We are seeing the same issue, it seems to happen more often if the due date is the same across each milestone (or as per your previous example not set), each page refresh re - orders them:-


Hello Craig

Just out of curiosity, what is the version of PHP,the operating system of your testrail server and your testRail version ?



This is on

TestRail v5.5.1.3746
PHP 7.0

We only ugrade recently and the issue may have been there before but not noticed.


thank you !

We’re on a RedHat 7.5 with PHP 5.4.16 on TestRail 5.5.0

We thought it could have come from our PHP version because it is quite old. But if you have the same issue with a php 7.0 this is not a correct assumption.