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Milestone Reseting after updating Test Case



Test Case A is created. It is given a Milestone of 1.

The Milestone is then tested and eventually completed.

I then go back to Test Case A and make a small update to the steps, but the Milestone field is set to null and Milestone 1 is no longer available.

Why is this? I was hoping to use the Milestone as a means of identifying for what release a Test Case was originally created for. It seems it can’t be used for that if the Milestone is removed when updating, so now I’m not sure what the Milestone field is actually used for. Given that a Test Case can be associated with many Milestones at a time, through Runs, it seemed logical to use it as the Milestone it was created for.

Is this a bug or a feature? If it’s a feature, can you explain it to me?



Hello Bryan,

Only active milestones can be selected on the test case form but I understand that this may be confusing. Yes, the Milestone field for test cases is meant to record the initial milestone a test case was introduced with. We will look into this and may change this in a future version, thank you!



Hi Tobias,

Thanks for responding. In that case I think we’ll leave Milestones open until such time that we can close them but still retain their use in Test Cases.



+1 for this issue. It would be great if the milestone field was not reset to blank available after the milestone is closed and the test steps are edited.


I just added another vote to this request. Thanks for your feedback, Glenn.