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Milestone calendar view to show dates in the future?


Currently on Project overview, you can see the Milestone calendar, which shows days in the past, configurable by values of 14/30/etc.

How do I also see upcoming milestones on this dashboard? I want to see, “oh in 2 weeks we have a milestone coming up”.

I’d like to specify the from and to dates that the dashboard shows. ‘Show me 2 weeks in the past, 2 weeks in the future’ or just setting the boundary dates from a date-picker.

Is it possible?



Thanks for your posting. You can view upcoming/active milestones on the Milestones tab in a project. The next 2-3 milestones are also displayed on the Overview page (Upcoming Milestones section, also for a project).

Filtering for dates is currently not available on the milestone pages but it’s planned to look into this. The milestone page already separates active from completed milestones, though. You can also change the view mode (via the yellow icons) to display the milestones in a more compact way (useful if you have many milestones).

I hope this helps,