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Milestone activity chart bug

Hi all

I have recently encountered a strange bug in TestRail. In a certain milestone, the activity graph counts the the total number of tests in each state everyday (except for weekends strangely).

Under the activity section it shows the actual activity of test runs and I can assure that there is not a large volume of activity everyday.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?

Hi Tin,

Thanks for the post! I do see you have reached out to our support team via email as well and we are currently working with your team to review this chart to determine the cause of these statistics or if there is a bug within the calculation.


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Any update on this defect, where can I see development status?

Hi @david.yellowley - we released some code in 6.1 that should have fixed the root cause for this issue. However, if you’re still experiencing some issues we’d be happy to investigate those further.

Can you let us know via - preferably with some steps to reproduce, screenshots, logging etc if available - so we can pass the information to our development team?

Thanks in advance,