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Migration - Exporting test run history


We have a requirement of moving from one test rail instance to another instance. Is there any way for us export existing test runs and import them in another testrail instance and also the test cases ?



You can import/export test cases - go into a suite and the first 2 links to the left of the printer icon are import/export. It uses a couple of different formats (Excel, CSV, XML). You can export the test runs but I don’t believe you can import the test runs.


Hi BGanger,
Thanks for the confirmation. Highly appreciate the quick response.



Not sure if that’s the safest option — but if you need to move everything, maybe the fastest way would be to move the database over?
P.S. Seems like TestRail backup/restore feature uses the same mechanism (SQL dump) underneath, so that might actually be safe enough.


Hi there! If this is an existing TestRail instance then the XML export @BGanger mentioned is indeed the best option. An full SQL export/backup would only work if you intend to move the entire instance/backup to a new server.


I’m in the similar situation now. We have an exiting TestRail instance1 with tons of projects already in it.
And I have another Testrail instance2 with a couple of projects and testruns.
Now I would like to move Test results history from Instance 2 to Instance 1.
I have got the testsuite migrated easily. But I cannot get the testruns from the UI. If I opted for a database option that may corrupt the exiting projects. Any suggestions on how I can move just 2 projects/testrun history with attachments from one instance to an instance with existing projects ?



The test runs/result don’t have a direct import but one option is to use TestRail’s API to re-add the results:

That said, would keeping the old TestRail instance active/as an archive be an option as well? Re-adding the results wouldn’t have the original timestamps and dates etc. and TestRail would interpret them as just recently added (also by the API user and not by the original user). So if possible, we would recommend keeping the test runs & results and old instance as an archive and just migrating the test cases & suites over to your new instance via the XML export & import (which you already have I believe).



Thank you for the quick response. Looks like temporarily we will use the instance2 as a backup system.

Thank You


Hello Muthaheera,

That sounds like a good solution and please let me know in case you have any further questions, happy to help.