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Migrating TestRail to use different SQL server


I am trying to move testrail to a new SQL server. Originally running on SQL Enterprise 2017 Evaluation version to SQL Server 2017 Express. Is there a step by step on how to do this available?


Hi @ikawada,

Thanks for the post! If you’re migrating data from one TestRail Server to another and will still be using SQL Server for your database, you can simply follow our instructions for creating and restoring TestRail database backup. This will allow you to extract your TestRail database and restore it into the new SQL Server.

The instructions for creating and restoring a database backup are here:

Creating the backup
Restoring the backup

Once these database is migrated, please check the DB_HOSTNAME value in TestRail’s config.php file to ensure it points to the correct database host.

If you need any further assistance during the data migration, please reach out to us at