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Migrating test cases from Web to on server TestRail


Hi - wanted to put this on the forum in case anyone else had this question.

I’ve been using TestRail on the web (eval) but since we’re seriously considering this, I wanted to install the app on our server - the only problem is, I’m not sure how (or if I can) to take all of the test cases I’ve written up in TestRail web (over 200) and migrate them over to the TestRail on the server…

Please tell me this can be done.




You definitely don’t have to rewrite your test cases when you move from the hosted trial to a local installation. You can export test cases through the user interface and import the test cases again in your local installation. You can find the export/import icons in the toolbar on the suite page (just select the XML format when you export the data). If you are just interested in the test case data, this is the easiest way to get the data exported.

Alternatively we are also happy to provide you with a backup of the entire trial database so you can restore it locally.

I hope this helps!



Thanks Dennis. The XML format works like a charm.