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Migrating TCs from Zephyr for Jira Cloud Add-on Tool



I was wondering if TestRail supports migrating test cases from another system? Specifically, from Zephyr for JIRA Cloud Add-on Tool. This is an add-on tool to Jira (not the Zephyr Community Editor)?



Hello Tarik,

Thanks for your posting! The easiest way to import test cases to TestRail is via TestRail’s CSV import:

For Zephyr/JIRA: you can export JIRA issues to Excel and then save this to a simple CSV text file in Excel. The final step is then to use TestRail’s CSV import to import the test cases.

Please let me know in case anything is unclear or if you have any further questions, we are happy to help!




Zephyr for Jira cloud stores steps in Zephyr and other items like description in JIRA. I assume that we can import one, then use the ID to marry description and steps together?

Has anyone done this?


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your reply! In this case, it might be best to merge these in the CSV file prior to importing as you wouldn’t be able to perform an import to update the existing cases and add the steps separately. You can also send us a sample CSV to, and we’re happy to have a look to be sure this is the best recommendation. Hope this helps!