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Migrated TestRail. Reset Password email refers to old location. How can I change this?

This is a locally hosted system. Everything else in the migration appears to be ok. I just need to find out where I need to change the old host name to the new one.

Hello @tubagod,

Thanks for your posting! Your Email/SMTP settings can be updated by going to:
Administration -> Site Settings -> Email settings.

Sorry, I needed to clarify this. I was meaning the TestRail host system. Email server did not change. I migrated TestRail to a new machine.

I then had users that couldn’t recall their password. They clicked on the forgot password link. The email they were sent pointed to the old TestRail location which had been shut down. They ha to edit the password reset URLwith the new base URL of the new TestRail location.

Upon searching the TestRail files and not finding what I needed, I found the installation_URL in the database and updated it with the new URL. Now things are happy.

Hello @tubagod ,

Thank you very much for the clarification and follow up! Glad to hear it is now working for you!