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Migrate Testrail from Windows to Linux hosting


currently we are running Testrail on Windows IIS with MSSQL database. We need migrate from IIS on Linux hosting.
Testrail uses php sqlsrv driver for connect to MSSQL server, which isn’t available on the Linux.

Is there any other posibility how to connect Testarail to MSSQL ( for example FreeTDS )?
Or did you somebody try migrate Testrail DB from MSSQL to MySQL?

Thank you for your tips.


Hi there,

Thanks for your posting! Using SQL Server is not possible with TestRail running on Linux and we support Windows + IIS + SQL Server and Linux + Apache + MySQL as possible setups. We have a migration script for TestRail for migrating from SQL Server to MySQL and vice versa and please send a quick email to for the script and instructions.