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Migrate test cases from TestLink to TestRail with Keywords



I was successfully migrate my testsuites to TestRail using script provided in below link.

However, it doesn’t include the Keywords from the TestLink for each test cases.
Any idea how can I modify the migration script to include Keywords in TestLink for each test cases? I want to put it under References in TestRail.



Hi Sharifah,

Thank you for your post. In this case we would recommend creating a custom field to hold your key words rather than using the references field. The references field is meant to hold ticket IDs i.e., defects, requirements. As far as altering the migration script, we offer this as a baseline example to migrate information from TestLink to TestRail. You would simply need to modify the script. Do you have anyone in your group that is familiar with PHP programming?


I’m not familiar with php and nobody from my team familiar with it. Appreciate if you can give example.