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Migrate test cases and attachments from JIRA


I have plans to migrate all the test cases and its attachment from JIRA to testrail.
What is the best possible way to do or any mechanism for this


Hello Arvind,

Thanks for your posting! TestRail and JIRA are best used together and most teams use JIRA for their issue & bug tracking and user stories/requirements and TestRail for the testing part:

To export issues from JIRA and import this as cases into TestRail, you can use the CSV import feature in TestRail:

On JIRA’s side, you would export your JIRA issues to Excel and then export this file in Excel to a CSV (via Save As). You can then directly import the CSV file via TestRail’s CSV import. This wouldn’t support the attachments but you can seamlessly view TestRail test cases & results in JIRA as well as view JIRA issues in TestRail, so you can still jump to JIRA anytime and vice versa as needed.



This looks almost impossible to do, for the following reasons:

  1. The exported from jira TC have the following structure
    1st row - Test Case (summary, description, etc.)
    2nd row - Test Step (summary, [empty columns], Expected, etc.)
    3rd row - … another test step and so on
    So basically there is no way to differentiate correctly the general information of the TC on the 1st row with the steps on 2+ rows. The best thing I have achieved so far by using the multiple rows option is get 1 TC in jira mapped to 2 TCs in TestRail (one for the test case, and one with the test steps)
  2. Another very annoying issue is that despite of the numerous requests for additional field in the steps it was not implemented for few years already (at least I do not see this). So where does my column with test data/notes/comments/whatever_I_put_in_there relevant PER STEP go?

If I am missing something, please advise. I struggle on my 1st Test Case migration for 2 days now. I do not see how I can migrate a bunch of TCs without loosing information. TestRail advertise on best jira integration and I do not see the most important part of it. What should we do - create all TCs from scratch and do copy-paste for months?