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Merging Two Types of Reports



I have two reports which I currently use for reporting. One of which is a Summary (Defect) report, the second of which is a Milestone (Summary) report.

Is there any easy way to merge the two so that I have a single report which presents a summary of the milestone, a summary of defects raised on testing against that milestone, and then a breakdown of the pass/fail status for each script executed in the milestone (as per the Milestone (Summary) report) and then the defects against each script (as per the Summary (Defect) report)?

Essentially I wanted to merge the two reports together. Is this possible?


Hi Mark,

It’s not directly possible to merge the reports in TestRail. But if you plan to share the report outside of TestRail, you could simply use the print views to generate two PDF files and then merge them together into a single PDF file.

I hope this helps!