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Merging Cloud-based testrail instance to AWS installed testrail instance

My company have 2 TestRail instances 1 cloud based and 1 server installed (AWS).
My test manager would like to merge the Cloud-based testrail to the AWS installed instance. Wherein all Projects/Plans/Test Suites/Results/Reports from the Cloud based are needed to be merged.

All I can think of is importing the Test Suites but I am not sure if it is possible to import Project as well as actual results and reports that was previously generated.

Hi Nino,

Thanks for the post! While you can migrate your test cases from one instance into another using the XML export/import process, it wouldn’t be directly possible to merge any test runs/results/history into another instance.

All settings, users, attachments and custom fields would need to be re-added manually or programmatically using the API (where possible) to the new instance.

TestRail currently wouldn’t support a merge or migration option for an entire database due to potential ID conflicts and other issues which may arise.


So the only possible thing that we can do is to import the XML test cases from the Cloud instance to AWS instance?

What if we ensure that there will be no conficts, can we do it by merging database?