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Merging Baseline Test Cases


I have a project with a master baseline, and then another baseline for an upcoming release. We’re editing existing cases and adding new cases into the new release baseline. Assuming everything goes well, when the release is good and we are sure these changes are going into the product, we’ll want to merge any changes into the master baseline. What is the best way to go about merging baseline test cases?



Thanks for your posting. You can use the Copy & Move Test Cases dialog to copy test cases between baselines or test suites:

(just click on the icon with two sheets of paper in the target baseline/suite to open this dialog)

Regarding the baselines: we would usually recommend the opposite approach of having a master/trunk for the current version and baselines for other branches (e.g. for older versions which still require testing but are pretty static and shouldn’t “see” cases from the newer versions/trunk).



I don’t see any way to quickly check if there’s a difference between cases in two baselines. Let’s say I’ve revised the steps for one case, and I might want to move that change into the master baseline. Is there a way I can filter for a diff, to review that one case, to see if it needs to get added into the master baseline, or if I should discard it?

We have multiple feature branches in development at any one time. There will be a multitude of cases that will only apply to that temporary development branch. Basically, we’re looking to mirror our Git repository with baselines.


There’s currently no automated way to create a diff or compare different baselines, but there are a few reports that help with this. For example, the Cases > Activity Summary report would generate a nice overview of newly added or modified cases over time and this helps a lot when finding changes in baselines/case repositories and comparing cases across baselines. Additional details can be found on the respective History pages for the cases (which are also linked in the Activity Summary report).

Another way would be to use TestRail exports and generate a diff/comparison independently of TestRail and we are happy to help in case this would be an option. Once you found the cases you want to copy between baselines, you can use the Copy & Move Test Cases (in the target suite).

I hope this helps!