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Mention in comment/desc



Could you help me please, why I cann’t mention when I write a comment?


Can you be more descriptive - no idea what you are trying to do. Going to assume English is not your native language. Where is the comment being done and what do you mena by “can’t mention”?


Hi BGanger. Thanks for your attention. Yes, you right, my english is not native. I mean if you open any test case/test suite and try to add comment using @. Such As in JIRA you’ll see list of users. But in test rail I don’t see users


Ok - yes that functionality is not in TR currently. There is a way you can create a link to other Test Cases but not implemented for users. I really thinkg they use the “Assign to” for that reason. If you did a @User then the issue would be if t he user is no longer with the company or is not the one to use the Test Case then those would have to be changed.

If notifications are turned in in TR then I think a user should get an email when a case gets assigned to them, changed, or Result added.


Ok, thx BGanger for you attention for me.