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Memory Statistic


I have a question concerning the memory statistic log.

Is the data taken friom the Windows, i.e. the same as displayed in the task manager?
What does the -1 for total page file mean? I guess for Free page file, it simply indicates, that 433262592.00 Bytes are still free? Would it be possible to show the maximum page file size as specified in Windows?



Total physical=247.53 MB
Free physical=3.80 MB
Total pagefile=-1.00 Bytes
Free pagefile=-433262592.00 Bytes
Total virtual=2.00 GB
Free virtual=1.50 GB



Hello Rainer,

yes, the data in the LogMemoryStatistic method is taken directly from Windows.

  • The physical values refer to the real memory you have in your computer.
  • The virtual values represent the current size of your pagefile. The maximum and minimum size of the pagefile is currently not displayed.
  • The pagefile values represent the maximum amount of memory your process can use (roughly the sum of physical and virtual). That’s a bit misleading because it does not match the actual pagefile size you set in Windows.

Regarding the negative values in your example: There should actually be no negative values in the memory statistic. This seems to be a bug. I am already working on a fix and it will be included in the next release.




my previous posting had some incorrect explanations. The virtual values specify the size of the virtual memory your process can see. The pagefile values specify the currently reservable and total reservable spaces in the page files. Please note that these values differ from the actual pagefile size.