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Memory leak



I get following leak in my application built with latest release of smartInspect. Do you know what could be the reason of this leak?

|Address |Module |Unit |Class |Procedure/Method|Line |

+Memory Leak: Type=TSiBufferedStream; Total size=8216; Count=1


Hello Piotr,

Thanks for your posting. Have you seen this leak in other versions of SmartInspect as well or just with the latest release? Also, which version of SmartInspect do you use and which tool for the leak report (FastMM, Eurekalog)?



I can’t remember if it also happened in earlier versions. This report comes from latest Smartinspect release. I’m using Eurekalog

best regards
Piotr Rezmer


Hi Piotr,

Thanks for the update. Do you disable SmartInspect at the end of the application (via Enabled := false)? In not, Eurekalog might not be able to detect the release of all objects. This can also be an issue in general, depending on the unit order in your uses clause.



No, I didn’t disable it. I’ll add it in finalization of helper unit. The problem is hard to reproduce so I want be able to definitely verify if it helps or not. Luckily this leak is not dangerous since it happens only when application is shut down.

best regards
Piotr Rezmer