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Memory leak?


I am running the Console v3.2.0.8546 on Windows XP. When the number of logs get very large and the application is using 1Gb of memory, clearing all of the logs only frees up about 100 Mbs. So now the application is running with zero logs and still using 900Mb of memory. I have to restart the application, which is only a problem because I then have to re-organize my 75-90 vies into all of their respective folders. Is this a known issue?




Thanks for the bug report, this is an unknown issue. I will try to reproduce this problem here. Did you experience any problems when the Console is using so much memory (out of memory exceptions or is it getting slow)?

You can use projects to organize your views once and then save them, so that you don’t need to reorganize them every time you start the Console. Adding a project can be done with “Edit | Save Project”. To switch between multiple projects, you can use the little combo box in the toolbar. In case you are using non-persistent AutoViews, you can also specify the view category in the Edit AutoView dialog, so that new views are automatically placed into appropriate folders. Hope that helps!



I did experience some slowness, though I think I need to get a new video card as well for this machine so it’s hard to tell what is causing the slowness. I did not get any exceptions or errors. I had saved my project, but my autoview categories were not set. That solves that! Thanks.


Ok, thanks, I’ll take a look.

You’re welcome!