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Memory leak in LogObject


Hi there,

While checking the Delphi project I’m currently working on for memory leaks (using MemCheck version 2.73), I came across some small memory leaks in the LogObject method of the TSiSession object. MemCheck provided the following data regarding the leaks.

call stack - 1 : Module TypInfo.pas
Routine @Typinfo@GetPropList Line 1115 Find error: 0041D126
call stack - 2 : Module SmartInspect.pas
Routine FillObjectData Line 10882 Find error: 00474D77
call stack - 3 : Module SmartInspect.pas(no debug info) Line 10978 Find error: 00475577

I hope this information helps you fix this problem.



Hello Gerben,

thanks for reporting the bug. I could reproduce the problem and fixed it already. The fix will be included in the upcoming 1.4 release. Thanks again!


Hi again,

I might have been jumping the gun a bit with my previous post. Eventhough the memory leaks are gone when I don’t use the LogObject procedure, I’m not totally sure SmartInspect is to blame anymore. You may want to delete this post. I’ll repost if I think it is necessary.

Thanks in advance…




Hehe, seems that we were writing at the same time :). However, you were right, there was a problem in LogObject. I found out that the RTTI API of Delphi allocates a bunch of memory every time LogObject is called. LogObject properly frees the memory now.