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Memorize the last selected Section in the Test Suites view


Is there a way to tell TestRail not to jump always back to the topmost Section within a Test Suite after opening, editing or deleting a Test Case in one of the lower Sections?

Especially when editing in the “Show a single section only” I expect TestRail to remain in my formerly selected section until I select another one.
Any ideas or workarounds?

best regards



Thanks for your posting. We usually recommend opening the test cases in a separate browser tab and then closing the tab after having viewing or editing a test case. This makes sure that you won’t loose your position in the test suite and it’s also faster than reloading the whole test suite again and again. That said, we are aware of this issue and already have some ideas on how to improve this behavior and it is planned to look into it for one of the next versions.

I hope this helps and just let me know in case you have any further questions.