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Memorize the last entered "Version" in the "Add Test result" dialog


There seems to be Cache memory for some value fields e.g. the “Name” of a “Test Run”, that provides a dropdown of previous entered strings.
Unfortunately this seems to be not the case for “Version” in the “Add Test result” dialog.
Or is there a way to define a list with version numbers as dropdown to select from for the Testers?

thanks and best regards


Hello Gerrit,

Thanks for your posting. The dropdown for previously entered values is a feature provided by the browser and this is not available for all fields (as they are technical differences between the Version field and Name for test runs, for example). We will look into adding direct support to TestRail for this feature to a future version.

The Version field is a free-text field and it is currently not supported to change this to a dropdown with a pre-defined list. You could look into adding some JavaScript code to add additional features to this field, though (via TestRail’s UI scripts):

It would alternatively be possible to add a custom dropdown box to the form as well (in the administration area under Administration > Customizations).

I hope this helps. Just let me know in case you have any further questions.