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Meaning of "This status is a final status"



I added a custom test status and I don’t understand the meaning of This status is a final status, because regardless whether I check it or not, the overall status of my test run is not changing.

I have a test run with 20 tests, 19 are passed, 1 is set to the custom status.

Regardless whether I set the flag for This status is a final status, the status of the run is always 95%.

For what is this flag for and what should be different when checking it or not ?



Hello Andreas,

Thanks for your posting. This option influences the way the progress/burndown reports are calculated (on the Progress tab per milestone/plan or run). “Final” statuses contribute to the progress of a test run where non-final statuses wouldn’t. This is independent of the run/plan/milestone status but it’s planned to add a status option for this as well in the future and I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request.



then do so, please :slight_smile:

Ok - at least I do now understand how and where this is used. Thanks


Thanks again for your feedback, Andreas, and happy to help :slight_smile:




I would like to add my vote for the development of this feature.

We created several status that would be passed but with certain conditions.

It would be usefull to add these types of status to the global overview of the project progression and encounter their results (like the “Passed” is by default).

Thank you

Best Regards,



Hi Laurence,

Thanks for your feedback! Happy to add your vote and feedback to this request!



Please also add my vote, thanks :slight_smile:


Please add our vote. When we have a test run, we would like to set a test to “N/A” which would be considered “Passed” in the progress statistics. Right now, we have to delete tests that don’t apply in order for a test run to be considered 100%. That is not ideal because we may want to see if a test was N/A rather than not seeing it at all on the Test Run.


I would also like to add my vote as well! Cheers!



Voting for this feature too.

We have created a custom status “Passed By Automation”. Tests updated with this status, do not contribute to the passed percentage displayed in the test run pie.

@TestRail team, kindly let us know by when can we see this feature rolled out. It would be very helpful.

Thank you


The question here is, why do you need that status ? Passed is passed, so you can use the existing Passsed status, right ? The test case has the filed Automation Type, where you could set this information about automation.


The test suite may not be completely automated. While some of the test cases could be executed via automation, the remaining would still require manual execution. There could be a variety of reasons, that a test case may be automated, but did not run successfully.
In such a case, we would not have the automation vs manual figures.


Please add my vote for this feature too.

It would be very helpful for us to have a “Not Applicable” status tagged as a final status, so it counts towards completion, but also tagged in such a way that it does not subtract from the overall run/plan/milestone status and test health. If 19 of 20 tests pass and 1 is marked N/A, then we would like to show 100% passed.


I agree with that statement, but I still do not understand, why you need an additional, new status for this scenario, as in my eyes, existing mechanism are already there to make that distinguishment for you.

Anyways - this is another discussion, which is off-topic to the original problem mentioned here