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Meaning of the "Location" in the customization page


The subject is a bit cheeky as I am pretty sure I understand what it means; but I am a bit confused on how it’s applied.

For instance, in the Result Fields, there is left and right for the Location. The Right side has Version, Elapsed and Defects (and possibly a custom one). The Left have two custom fields (Step Results, and a Logfile).

But if I go to a Result; this is opposite. The Version, Elapsed and Defects are on the left side, while teh two custom fields are on the right.

Hence my confusion.



Hi Jim,

Thanks for your posting! The positions actually refer to the locations on the form/dialog and I agree that this is a bit confusing. Never thought about this before but you are totally right that the locations are the other way round when displaying the results, of course :slight_smile:

You can find a good overview as part of the custom field documentation and this explains how this is meant: