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Meaning of test runs active?


In the Test Suites & Cases page, under each Test Suite it lists something like
Contains 4 sections with 25 test cases. There are currently 10 test runs active.

So i checked all the 10 test runs, 8 have been test executed and are marked as 100%
and 2 test runs are still at 0%.
So I’m not sure what the active actually mean?

It would make more sense if it says
There are 8 test runs completed and 2 test runs incomplete

  • Roy


Hello Roy,

Active test runs are those test runs that haven’t been set to completed with the Close Test Run functionality. The Close functionality can be found in the toolbar when viewing a test run (the lock icon) and archives a test run which in turn prevents future modifications. Active does not mean that they are still open tests in a test run or something similar. Hope this helps!



Hi Tobias,

I tried the ‘lock’ icon and it archived my Test Run and decrement my Active Test Runs by 1.
Great that helps.