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Maximum storage


Hi Guys,

I need to know the maximum storage of Testrail, if I need more than that, what can I do?

Tyas Partogi



Are you getting an error message? Is this with a self hosted or cloud version? What ‘storage’ are you specifically referring to (ram/hard drive etc…)?



Hi tyastyas,

Thank you for posting! The TestRail cloud edition doesn’t have any specific hard storage limits, and the storage limit is based on a fair use policy, which means that you can store as many test cases and attachments as needed as long as it’s reasonable (i.e. not uploading many videos per user per day). If you are using TestRail in a typical manner you wouldn’t hit any limits and so far, with many thousand users and teams using TestRail, we have not had to limit storage space or similar.

I hope this helps!


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hi John,

Thanks for your information,

my next question, how long the case and the result document can keeped in test rail? Does Testrail have a housekeeping process at a certain time?




Hi Tyas,

There is no time limit on any information stored in TestRail for the duration of your license subscription. We do perform regular housekeeping, but the only data that is removed is for cancelled and expired TestRail Cloud subscriptions and trials that are no longer in use, we do not and will not remove any data from any instances that are currently in use. Please note, we do store data for a limited time after an account or trial is no longer active.