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Maximum Message\Packet Limit On Console



I know this has been posted before (here and here but I would just like to add my request for this feature as well.

We are experiencing the same issues where if the console is left open it eventually takes all the memory on the system which then causes problems with other running applications (like our sevice that is using the log!). We know now not to leave the console open but as we are distributing the basic console I know my clients are going to do this mistake simply because we did too!

The messages above were posted in 2008 and 2010 - is there a way to control this with version 3.3.2?

Our program writes log messages via TCP\IP as well as a rolling text file. The best fix would be a rolling message/packet limit on the console itself. Without that, you mentioned the ClearAll method, which we may need to use. If that is the route we need to use we would like to be able to issue the ClearAll command when we “roll” the text log. Is there a way to tell\determine programmatically (via an event?) that SI has rolled to a new text log file? Is that possible?

Do you have any other ideas?



Hello Sheri,

Thanks for your posting and feedback. We don’t have an auto-clear or rotating feature for the Console so far so clearing the Console would be the best way to make this work at the moment. There’s currently no event that would notify you when a new file gets created by the rotation feature, and I would recommending using a time-based clear command.

We generally recommending using the Console for live logging for specific sessions and not keeping the Console active for days or weeks, but I understand that you might not be able to control this if you deploy the Redistributable Console to your customers. Another approach could be to allow your customers only to open log files, but not enable live logging for the deployed application.

I hope this helps.