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Maximum filesize or maximum testcases for an XML import?


I’m trying to import a rather largish XML file (13mb) but keep getting an error when I try:

(bah, how to I upload images to the forum?) … here’s what is says in a popupish window:

“An error occurred during the last operation or your installation is currently in maintenance mode. Please try again or refresh the current page.”
(With an “OK” button.)

If I bring the size of the file down (and hence, the number of testcases) I can do a successful import.

Is there a size or testcase limit per import?



Looks like it might be the same issue as the one below:

Probably be best to send details (including if TR install is self hosted or hosted by Gurock) to the main support email.


Thanks for your postings. Yes, that’s the same issue and we are already looking into this. There’s an upload limit for TestRail Hosted/Cloud accounts but this wouldn’t apply to files smaller than 100MB and 13MB is fine.



sorry for my delay in getting back to this…

Anyhow, thanks for the feedback. I believe I have narrowed this down to an import issue (probably not a bug, but maybe - and very weird). i also wanted to get further into the import which I have. I am still running into an issue but have at least figured out one cause.

It has to do with the dash character, or rather two dash characters as the first two characters on a line. This throws the error.

For instance, the following all work in an import (I am not including the full XML, just the problem area):


  • abcdef
-- abcdef – abcdef [/code]

however, the following throws the error:


– abcdef


but changing it to


–– abcdef


does in fact work.

i’m trying to make my import as XML compliant as possible, but this was a weird (and somewhat hard to pin down) issue. not sure if there is anything you can do on your side to either allow it (probably bad) or alert the user of the issue (probably good).


Thanks for the update and additional details. Do you still see this behavior? I’m asking as we recently changed one module on our TestRail Hosted infrastructure (which was responsible for the upload issue you’ve seen).



Well, not really but that’s because I’ve converted the data from what wasn’t working (two dashes) to what was working (two –). I may go back and check to see if your update has fixed it however.

I am still running into an issue with uploading large number of cases … and I am trying my best to get a data file that shows the issue w/o having sensitive (company) data included so that I can send it to your support directly. That’s proving an elusive target but hopefully I will have something soon.


Thanks for the update. We are happy to review the XML import file once you have it.



So I should get a gold star :smiley: - I still don’t know WHY the import is failing, but I now have two files that show the issue. I am sending them to the customer support email.

One file I’ve replaced all my keywords with the following (and this file does not import):


The other I’ve replaced all my keywords with the following (this file imports correctly):


As you can see, the only difference is the length of the keyword name. The “id” value changes based on the actual keyword needed and corresponds to the custom keyword id that I’ve set up already.

Incidentally; it doesn’t appear the XML import even pays attention to the actual keyword (value) string. It only goes off the id … hence the workaround right now is to put nothing in the keyword string. Which works about 99% of the time.

Hopefully from the two files I am sending you can ascertain the issue as it’s driving me crazy (and causing a import headache).


We are currently reviewing this and get back to you via email then. Thanks again for your help with this!