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Max Total Of Tests


In 1 project I have 5 sections of test cases. In 1 of the sections I have 527 tests, but the total number shown at the top of the list of tests when I view them is always (500)
Why does it only show up to 500?



Thanks for your posting. You can find the total number of tests in a run as part of the pie chart (on the right below the total passed, ### / ###). In the case repository, you would find the total number of cases and sections in the top right in the sidebar.

The 500 is the number of tests that are shown in the current group. You can increase the maximum number of cases/tests that are shown at once if you like in the administration area on Administration > Site Settings > User Interface.



Hi, thanks for the fast response! I changed the setting in User Interface as you advised and I can now see total number of tests, thanks :slight_smile:


You are welcome, happy to help :slight_smile: