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Master/Slave Testcases (Apply changes to copies)



I use Test Rail already for several weeks. Great tool so far, but i have one problem. I have one testsuite where are all my testcases inside. From this a large suite I create smaller special suites for example “Project XXX Acceptance Test”. I copyed all high and critical Testcases from the large testcase suite to the smaller special testcase suite. Now i have the problem that when i change a testcase in the large testcase suite this changes are not effected to the copyed testcase in the smaller special testcase suite. Or short, i need a function that apply all changes from my master testcases to there copies. Is there any solution to simulate this “master/slave” behavior for testcases?



Hello Mario,

Thanks for your posting and great to hear that you enjoy TestRail! We recommend keeping all related test cases in a single project and copying cases to other projects is usually not needed. You can simply create multiple test runs and plans for the same cases over time and thus reuse your cases. For managing multiple releases or versions, we recommend the milestones feature (or test plans for smaller things such as iterations/sprints inside a milestone).

You can also easily create test runs with different sets of test cases. For example, to start a test run with only high priority/critical cases, you can use the Priority attribute to categorize your cases and then use a custom case selection when you create a new test run. To do this, open the Test Runs & Results tab, then Add Run > “Select specific test cases” and change the selection via the Select Cases dialog. You can then conveniently filter for high priority/critical cases via the filter on the right.

I hope this helps!



Hey Tobias,

thank you for your detailed and quick response. We will follow your tip, thx.


Hi Mario,

Glad to hear that this helps! Just let me know in case any further questions come up, we are happy to help.