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Markdown syntax


I have looked at the user guide for the Markdown syntax and I have noticed that there is no mention of creating tables. In other guides there is a mention of creating tables but I have been unsuccessful in creating one.

I would love to use tables and so would my other team members. I have had to use screenshots but there is no way to copy/paste from the Test Case into the application being tested.

Any hope this formatting syntax to be implemented or am I just incorrectly using the syntax.




Hello Brian,

Thanks for your posting. Our Markdown implementation currently doesn’t have support for tables. We generally recommend using the separated steps control/custom field for structured data:

It’s already planned to look into adding table support for Markdown and I’ve just added another vote to this feature request, thanks!



Just FYI - you can use a Markdown table generator tool such as the one in the link below, and copy / paste the generated table into your TestRail test case:

Obviously this won’t help much if you are expecting to be able to copy data from the table into your application, but at least it’s an easy way to visualize your test data in a table format.


Thanks Tobias - I didn’t think it had been added. The times we have wanted to use it was for test data (listing 10-15 account numbers).

I have the information in an Excel spreadsheet and then do a snapshot of the data and attach it to the case.

One other thing I have noticed about adding jpg’s to a case. If the jpg is small - when it is displayed in the case it is generally really big. The larger the jpg is smaller or more ‘normal’ size it is in the case (Preconditions, Steps or Expected Results fields). I think it is more of an issue in the Preconditions field though.


Hello Brian,

Thanks for the update. You could look into using lists to format your data but I’m not sure if this would work for you. It’s definitely planned to look into tables on the Markdown level.

Regarding the image: which TestRail version and browser do you use? There was a fix for this in one of the recent versions.



Hi Tobias - we use IE (though currently v8 if that makes a difference) and I think we are one patch behind:


Hello Brian,

It could be that this issue still exists with IE8 in the latest 3.x release (if I recall correctly, we decided to leave it this way because fixing this with IE8 caused more severe issues in other situations, e.g. with very large images). Do you have the option to try this with a different browser (e.g. Chrome)? Please note that we have dropped IE7 and IE8 support with TestRail 4.0 (which was released today) and recommend IE9 (and later) or recent versions of Firefox, Chrome or Safari.



I believe we can use one of the other browsers. Unfortunately - we have to keep IE 8 for now as our software currently is only verified to work with IE 8 . We are starting the process to test IE 10 and get everyone upgraded. I am not sure if all of our end user testers have the ability to use another browser but I believe us in our QA/IT dept can. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply…



Thanks for the update, Brian. TestRail 4.0 supports all modern browsers and we usually recommend going with Chrome if you don’t have a preference. That said, any browser listed previously works really well (IE9 and later or recent versions of Firefox, Chrome or Safari).



Hi Tobias

Do you know when a version will be released with table creation in text field?
We need that functionality for us to write Gherkin scenario properly.




Hello Stephanie,

We usually recommend using the separated steps field for entering structured data (can be used in addition to your existing fields):

Generic table support for TestRail’s rich-text format (Markdown) is also planned but we currently don’t have an estimate for this (I’ve just added another vote, thanks!).



Vote up to get tables markdown :slight_smile:


Hi Daniel,

Added to the list, thanks! :smile: