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Mark test results with comments/files in Test Run overview page


Currently when you open the overview page of a Test Run you will see a list with the columns ID, Name, Assigned, Priority and Status. When I want to investigate a completed test run I cannot see which test results have extra comments or attached files. Our testers usually add comments to failed test cases, and these are easy to find by looking at status being failed, but sometimes they also add comments with suggestions to test results that have passed, and these are currently hard to find.

The only way is to look into the printed detailed report, which is more than 420 pages long in our case. Or directly look into the exported xml data, which is not really user friendly either.

I would like to propose an extra column in the overview page that marks test results that have custom comments or attached files. It would even be great to be able to sort on it (in the query setting at the right).

Is this a feasible feature?



Thanks for your feedback. We do plan to make the columns of the grids/tables in TestRail configurable eventually. Having some kind of indicator (an icon maybe?) for tests that have additional comments and attachments would certainly make sense and I’ve added it as a suggestion to our feature request list.




An icon would already help (for example right next to the status text)!




Is there any update on this? This would be a really nice feature to have.


Hello Rusty,

Thanks for your posting. We don’t have an update for this at this point but it’s still planned to make it easier to discover if a test result has comments, attachments or screenshots, for example.



Has there ever been any update to this request? Having an indication there is a comment included from the overview within a test run would be very helpful. Having a column for the comment would be optimal but an indicator would be helpful.



Thanks for your posting. The new three-pane view makes it really easy and fast to go through the tests and comments/results on the run pages:

A column for the comment count/indicator is not available currently but the three-pane view would also include a lot more details and you would now rarely switch to the actual test pages.



It would be extremely useful to expose the Comments as a column on the main view, so that it may be part of the Test Run Summary report.


Hi Geremy,

Thanks for your feedback! An alternative would be the print views on the run/plan/milestone pages (just click on the printer icon in the toolbar) and the Details mode also includes the comments, test steps, screenshots and everything else you see when viewing the tests in TestRail.

I hope this helps!




we would also like the possibility to add the column ‘‘comments’’ in out Run Summary Report - comment related to the result and not the one related to the test case. Is it possible to do this via report customizations?


Hi Bln,

Thanks for your reply! Currently the comments field wouldn’t be supported as a column in TestRail reports as this can sometimes be difficult to format in the standard table view depending on the type of comments that are added. The print view report options for runs/plans/milestones would be the recommend method to see test comments and additional details that would be difficult to fit in the report. We also already have plans to review this in the built-in reports under the Reports tab as well as we agree this would be useful to have. Happy to add your vote to that request. Hope this helps!