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Mark Status for a Section without using the Add Test Result button


I mark a lot of sections with Status at the same time. Each time I have to scroll to the page end to click on the “Add Test Results” button. I suggest a shortcut designed for users with hundreds, if not thousands, of test cases in a test run:

  1. Select all test cases in a section
  2. Click on one of the selected test case’s Status buttons
  3. Select a Status
  4. All selected test case Status are changed


Hello Kenneth,

Thanks for your posting. The current version of TestRail (4.0) has already improved this behavior a lot and the Add Results button is now always visible/sticky (and you wouldn’t have to scroll down to add multiple results). This looks as follows:

It’s also already planned to make this even more convenient/faster and I’m happy to add your suggestion to our feature request list, thanks!



Awesome, love the new feature in 4.2. I use it all the time now. Thanks!


That’s great to hear, Kenneth :slight_smile: