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Mapping testrail projects to multiple jira projects


Hi all,

Our testing effort is comprised of sprint teams, each of which has a jira project. Those sprint teams overlap somewhat in terms of the work they’re doing on our apps.

Let’s say we have sprint teams S1, S2 and S3. They work on apps A1 and A2, with some overlap.

How do we represent this in testrail such that we can do reports on all testcases across all projects? I know the easiest way is to use a single project, but then we lose the tie-in with the multiple jira projects – 3 in this example.

Can I create multiple testrail projects like:


… etc …

then create a report that spans all testrail projects?



Hello Jason,

Thanks for the posting. There’s no need to map a specific project in TestRail to a project in JIRA. You can easily push, look up and reference issues from different JIRA projects in TestRail and vice versa, so there’s no limitation or issue with different projects (which is a big advantage of TestRail’s JIRA integration). For reporting you could either run separate reports and compare them, or you could use a single project if you share a lot of test cases or have milestones with combined releases for different project parts.


Thanks for the reply! What form do references take then? I’m guessing that I should leave both the Jira URL config blocks blank, then use a full URL to a story/bug as a references?


You can actually use our recommended/documented format:

This works well with different projects automatically and you would just enter the full JIRA issue IDs into the References and Defects fields, e.g. ABC-123 (not just 123). This is also important for the look up integration.

I hope this helps!


Oh, you’re right, that form works like a charm. Thanks!