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Map testrail testcase and jenkins project



I am new to testrail and jenkins. We use jira for task management.I have successfully configured the testrail in jira for updating the Manual tests and linking the bug.

Now I want to configure automation scripts in testrail. This is what I exactly expect:

  1. Click the run button for a testcase in testrail would trigger the jenkins project and update the result back to testrail testcase result.

Can you please provide step wise procedure to achieve it?


Hi @narayani,

Thanks for your posting! We recommend triggering automated tests outside of TestRail (e.g. in Jenkins on a nightly basis) and then just submitting the test results to TestRail via TestRail’s API. We don’t have a ready to use integration with Jenkins at this point but you can find a good introduction on how other teams integrate with TestRail on our blog: