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Manual user setup causing problem


I manually setup a new Test Rail user


and now the user is prompted to log in each time. The user has active directory credentials. How can I get the user to not have to log in manually to test rails each time.


Is the checkbox as shown below checked when the user logs in?


The problem is that I don’t want the user to have to log into Test Rail from JIRA at all…As I am new to Test Rails and JIRA…I accidentally set the user up manually instead of having the user go through the Active Directory flow. And since you can’t delete a user, I’m not sure what or if there is a work around for this.


Hi Melanie,

You would always have separate user accounts in TestRail and the JIRA integration requires a valid TestRail user account. TestRail also has Active Directory integration and you can configure TestRail to automatically create a TestRail user account when you log in with an Active Directory account (with the AUTH_CREATE_ACCOUNT option):

You would only need to log in once and TestRail would reuse the session (as long as you check the remember-me option on the login screen).

I hope this helps!



I’m not sure I’m understanding……we DO have the AD integration between Test Rail and JIRA….however, when I setup a new user manually, the user cannot use his AD credentials….Are you saying he just has to use the credentials that I supplied to him and that he can just check the remember-me checkbox and will not have to enter credentials again when accessing Test Rails via JIRA?


You need to go with Gurock and their response - I was unaware there was a JIRA integration involved.


Hi Melanie,

If you set up the Active Directory integration with TestRail, users are also able to log in with their AD credentials. They would still have a separate account in TestRail but the AD user is linked to the TestRail user (mapped by email address). Are you sure you already set up the AD integration on TestRail’s side? This would be independent of the AD integration with JIRA. You can learn more about setting up AD for TestRail here: