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Manual Test Session Recording Tool


We at Twixt Engineering are looking for a TEST session recording tool/plugin that can record manual test steps, capture a screenshot and submit bug reports directly from the application you are testing to JIRA.

Is there anyone using a similar tool in their current test/dev environment or had used in the past?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!



Hi Olga,

Thanks for your posting! TestRail has a very advanced JIRA integration and you can see all test related details directly in JIRA:

You can attach screenshots to tests and results (which are then also shown in JIRA) and also configure TestRail to use a step-based approach instead of the default free-text fields:

I hope this helps!



Thanks for your response, Tobias!

Yes, that is correct, TestRail is a great test management tool and we are one of your happy customers :smile:
What we are looking for is a test session recording tool that can be used to record manual steps and attached to the bug report in JIRA along with a test case so developer can playback to recreate the failure w/o going thru the steps manually.



You want a tool that records every action of the tester so you can “playback” these steps in a browser?

If yes, that is called “Test Automation”. There are tools that can record actions that a user does in the GUI, BUT for 99% you will have to investigate these recorded tests, tweak and maintain them (Unless your software has very low loading times and is developed for test automation).


Thanks, Olga :slight_smile: We would usually recommend storing these details directly in TestRail as part of the step/actual result descriptions and this is usually much easier to follow and faster to review than session recordings. It’s often useful to attach screenshots to test results to additional context. With the new JIRA integration, all these details would also be shown directly in JIRA.

I hope this helps!



As @Daniel said, the thing you are looking for is test automation, it’s a completely separate thing, not what tools like TestRail are supposed to do. And it takes a lot of effort to make automation reliable — otherwise it would be just scenarios like “click at [x, y]; wait xxx msecs; press ‘A’ button; wait yyy msecs”. If you are working on web app, you may look into Selenium IDE for a quick drop-in solution, but it is known to perform poorly. Also you might consider simply recording screencasts — this would still require the developer to go through the steps manually, but the recording would be much easier to follow than written steps.


Try C:\Windows\System32\psr.exe utility.
It is a MS tool intended to capture use actions when problems are reported.
It will generate a file with all the screen captures and a description of all the detail actions (like click, drag, enter etc.) the user took.
Very useful and free.

See for a description


Well yes, I want to reopen this discussion. We have found that tools like qTest eXplorer work well to record the screen interaction, step by step, put it into a picture and then you can add descriptions, etc. Yes it needs to be tweaked / modified prior to creating an automated test case. However, we have found it very useful to have this on the fly recording for every action.

The results, once cleaned up, are more easily interpreted by the automated test engineers.

So I am wondering if there is such a tool that has been developed over the past several months?


Hello there!

In our experience, the steps automatically recorded by other tools are often not very useful, as they are often either too detailed/verbose etc. to be useful for real testing. For example, if you record every single small detail in a step-by-step fashion, you would need to constantly change all your test cases when the UI changes even slightly. This is not very useful and means that your test cases are often out of date and require a lot of time to maintain them. Often it’s much better to keep a basic description of the areas you want to test and then allow testers to explore and verify the tests exploratory. You can still record and maintain very detailed tests in TestRail, and you can also create separate test steps with screenshots etc:

But for most projects this is not ideal and means that you need to spend a lot of time maintaining and updating your tests e.g. when the user interface changes. That said, TestRail still allows you to easily construct test steps and add screenshots in a similar way with our recent exploratory testing update if you find this useful:

I hope this helps!