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Manual Data Driven Testing


I am struggling in putting together the test run/plan that will work for data driven testing.

Each day/batch the data can move to a different scenario, etc. where we need to test certain features and functionality.
Let’s say I need to perform different functions or validate info on a given day on the iOS, Android, Web. If i set milestone for the releases…Let’s say iOS Build 1, Android Build 2, and Web v 2.5 - what is the best way to run certain the test needed across all platforms on a given cycle.

I have tried using a combo of test plan and and test run but to no avail.
Note: My test suites are organized by function. as each platform iOS, Android, Web share a majority of the same feature sets. My first plan was to utilize the configuration option in the test plan for the specific platform testing.

The problem is i don’t see the option to do manage the data being tested and the test case i want run for a specific data point/account on a specific configuration on a given day.

Day 1 - run x# of tests, run certain test on specific platform
Day 2 - same thing

Eventually these will be automated but I am not in a position yet to automate these scenarios



Thanks for your posting! I would recommend using configurations in this case and you can easily customize the case selection per configuration:

I hope this helps!



Thank you but this doesn’t really answer the question for daily cycles.

I only see the customizations on test plans. Is that correct?

NOTE:I have multiple customers in which we support for the same/similar product but possible on different versions

Customer 1 / Day 1 Batch cycle.

  • test case 1 / feature 1 run on configuration x
  • Test 2 /feature 2 on configuration y
  • Test case 3 / feature 1 configuration y

Customer 1 / Day 2 cycle

  • x number of test cases

In the end I need to be able to report on the feature, configuration, and customer. The cycle is only important to get the data prepared.



Hi there,

We would usually recommend organizing test cases by functional areas, which appears you are already using. You can then start test runs/plans for different releases/iterations and filter the test cases for each test plan or configuration for different features/customers as needed. One thing that might be helpful is to tag test cases with customer/project details. That is, you could add a custom multi select field for test cases and tag cases accordingly so you can select the test cases for different runs/plans based on the customer release or feature you are testing. This approach usually works best if you want to start many different plans/runs for different projects or customer combinations regularly. Configurations can still be used to easily create runs for different platforms/systems then.