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Mandatory field for test result



Can I set for example Version field in testresult as mandatory field?

thank you


Hi Volodia,

Thanks for your post! Yes, you would be able to set this field as a required field under Administration > Customizations. Simply edit the field, and towards the bottom in the Project selection options, you can edit this and select ‘This field is a required field’:

This also works on most fields as well. Hope this helps!



What you’re talking about is setting mandatory field for a testcase in test suite,

What I was wondering about is setting mandatory field in TestResult dialog window

Sorry for confusing, it was not obvious from my previous post.


Edit the field --> then at the bottom where you can define projects it shows on:

  • click the edit link and make mandatory::


Thank you very much)


Hi Volodia,

Thanks for your reply! As @BGanger mentioned (thanks again for your help!), the result fields are also located under Administration > Customizations, and would have the same options for this as test case fields. Apologies about the misunderstanding as I used general field screenshots which likely made the response a bit confusing. Glad you were able to find it now!



NoProblemo, Issue has been solved, guys) Thank you all)


Hi. Related question to above. Can I set to mandatory the “Assigned To” field in the test case results? I can’t find a way to do it.