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Managing attachments


Test cases allow manual attachments via the Add Attachment button. When an attachment is added this way, it shows up on the right-hand pane, where it can be viewed or deleted. This is a very well-placed, simple-to-use feature.

However, automatic image uploads (using the Add Image button) do not show up in the list. I therefore can’t ever remove uploaded images, except by logging into the server’s ‘uploads’ directory.

Can you make images uploads append to the Attachments pane?



Great to hear that you like the attachments. Deleting images is currently not planned actually but I understand how this might be useful/needed. I added it to the feature request/todo list for now and we will consider it for a future version.

It’s a bit difficult because ideally you would expect that references to this image would be deleted as well, I guess, and theoretically you could reference an image everywhere in the application, not just in the test case where you originally uploaded the image. However, we will see what we can do in this regard, thanks for the suggestion!