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Managing Active Users across multiple projects


Hi All,

I’m looking for some advice…my company runs numerous projects which have a limited lifecycle. These projects generally have a test project associated in TestRail.

As time goes on, our active user count creeps up and obviously impacts out monthly costs for the platform. We’ve gone down the route of trying to ensure that project manages look after their active testers but complications such as cross project testing etc.

Do you have any advice or reporting which could give us an idea of “last login date” so we can review this list and mass update the active users?

Many Thanks


Hi Gareth,

Thank you for your post. TestRail doesn’t currently record the last login date/time for a user, except for some limited details as part of the TestRail user sessions. So TestRail wouldn’t be able to directly show this information at the moment. But we are happy to look into including this in a future update, and I agree that this could be useful to have.

In the meantime it may be useful to have each of your project managers do some sort of audit against their testers.

One question I had is, are you using TestRail Server or TestRail Cloud?


It’s the cloud version…

Thanks for the response. We’ve tried to push the PMs to manage it but as you know things don’t always go as planned :wink:


Hey Marty, would it be possible to provide an update if your team considers a report based on user logins? I’ll go back to our PMO to confirm that the PMs need to manage this process until such time a report is made available. Thanks again!


Hi Gareth,

Thanks for your reply! We wouldn’t be able to provide any timeframe/ETA on if/when this feature could be implemented, but we’re happy to review this feature and add votes as more teams ask for the same/similar feature. We already have plans to look into improving audit logging in general for a future update so this might help with this in some cases. I would recommend keeping an eye on our blog as we always publish a new post with each release that details any new features/changes to TestRail:

Hope this helps!



Completely understand…thanks for the blog link. I’ll subscribe to that for updates.

Appreciate the responses!