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Manage test cycles



I am evaluating the TestRail for our team as the test management tool. One of our typical scenario is to run sanity test for every release version. So the test cases would be the same in every sanity cycle, we just test them against different version. And we would like to see a report of the pass rate trend for every sanity cycle. What would be the best practice? Create different test runs for each version? Or create a plan then use different configuration? Or any other better options?

Any comments would be appreciated!



Hi Ben,

Thanks for your posting. That’s a typical use case for creating separate test runs (e.g. once every week). Test plans would also be an option if you need or want to logically group multiple test runs (test plans are just a collection of runs). In both cases, you can then easily compare your test runs over time using the Results > Comparison for Cases report from the Reports tab:

You can use the milestone features in TestRail (Milestones tab) to keep track of your versions or releases and you can also link your test runs to these milestones (using the Milestone field when you create/edit a test run). I can also recommend reviewing your training video on milestones:

I hope this helps and I look forward to your reply!



Hi Tobias,

Thanks for the reply. That helps a lot.


Hi Ben,

That’s great to hear and please let me know in case you have any further questions!