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Maintenance tag for test cases


Hey Gurock!

We are currently using TestRail for over 2 years and we are happy on how TestRail integrates with our test automation framework. We are using TestRail to plan and start all of our manual and automated test runs and we have one overview of our system health.

In some of our projects we have 5000+ test cases (booth manual and automated tests) and from time to time we are behind on TC maintenance. (that does happen :slight_smile: )
So we are wondering is there a way a tester without TC edit rights can add a ‘maintenance’ tag to a test case so our test analysts known which test cases need some attention?

At the moment we use a maintenance state in the result field, but maintenance is not always done during the testrun and in that case, these maintenance results ‘pollute’ our test results and test reports, because the tester does known what the behaviour needs to be (documentation link) and the test is in theorie passes.
It is also very time consuming to go through all test runs to see if there are any maintenance results.

So it would be handy that you can filter on a maintenance tag or something in the test suites and cases overview. It is already possible to add a tag to a test case, but then you need edit rights and we don’t want to give those rights to everyone, especially not to subcontractors/short term consultants.

Can you give guys give a best practice for this situation? or can you develop an extra feature?



Hi Joachim,

Thanks for your posting! It’s not possible to show result-level fields on the test case repository pages (because there can be so many different test runs for a test case, even at the same time). The easiest way to manage this on the case level is to use a case custom field and give edit permissions to your testers but I understand that you don’t want to do this.

Another option is to keep using the field on the test result level and then just use the CSV exports to find cases/tests with the maintenance flag. If you have a higher-level entity above the test runs (e.g. a plan or even milestone), you would only need to create an export for the entire plan/milestone and can go through the runs pretty quickly (you can simply select the field on the CSV export dialog, also make sure to use "Export all results and comments … " option to export all result for a test and just the latest).

I hope this helps!