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Losing test result edits


(I thought this was reported already, but I can’t find the entry - so sorry if this is a repeat).

We’ve been using TestRail now for about 6 months and really like it in general.

However, I’ve had several instances where folks are losing their test results information.

It’s not because if a bug - it’s more a usability issue.

What happens is a tester will open a Comment or Test Result entry and start putting in their results in as they are testing. Most of the time, they will periodically click on “Add Test Results” which will save their current edits and close the popup. They’ll then either edit that same entry to continue, or create a new entry.

Sometimes though, some time will pass before they save, or they will forget that there’s no AutoSave and click away from that page.

In either case, they lose their edits.

It would be really helpful to have either an autosave, or some other kind of easy way to save the existing edits and be able to continue on. It would certainly save me from hearing the uh… colorful langauge I heard this afternoon when one of my guys lost his entire day’s worth of work. :rolleyes:


I haven’t run into this dilemma, but can certainly see it happening, and as such can see the value in jfincher’s request. So add me as a +1 for this feature request.



Hello Jan, Neil,

Thanks for your postings. We already added a confirmation dialog when leaving the test case form and it is planned to look into for test results as well. This is a bit more difficult but it is planned to look into this as well. Auto-save would also be an option and I’ve just added this as a feature request, thank you!



Is there a link to the feature request where we can +1 it? Myself and my team would really value this, we are used to confluence which saves in the background and you can recover your work if something causes you to leave the page unexpectedly. It’s an invaluable feature, and really the main complaint users give me about using TestRail over what they are used to.


They do not have a public feature request list.